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Editor in Cheif 

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 11.08.05 AMFabliha Anbar is a 19-year-old writer based in New York City and Editor in Chief of Sorjo Magazine. She is also the youth coordinator for Arts & Democracy. Her main focus is cultivating a safe environment for immigrant youth to creatively express themselves through art and culture. Her works emphasize on advocating for queers of color, mental health, body positivity, and smashing stigmas against South Asians. Her work has been featured on Vice, Teen Vogue, Broadly and more. She reflects her own experiences as a fat femme queer Muslim onto her writing and believes storytelling is a powerful tool to heal souls. | @bengalisun | Fabliha’s work




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Cai Castillo is a 16-year-old self-identifying dyke. He grew up in Santo Domingo, La Capital and moved to the United States 3 years ago. Cai is a senior in high school and attends college full time. He has been published in several zines and school newspapers and was a part of the governor’s honors program junior year. The topics he focuses on most are immigration rights, women’s rights, LGBT people of color, anti-capitalist/leftist work, and antifascism. He spends his time volunteering and working with local organizations that deal with each issue. | @sunshinedyke



IMG_0938Sarah Kadous is a 15-year-old Muslim American political activist and writer from the mostly sunny San Diego, CA. Kadous is currently a sophomore at Mt. Carmel High School and plans on pursuing a career in political journalism and public policy once she graduates. When she’s not fulfilling her duties as a writer for Adolescent Content and Pure Nowhere, you’ll find her rocking out to Tchaikovsky in her bedroom, eating a plethora of strawberries, protesting on the streets or angrily listening to the news while on a run. | @sarahkadous 





Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 9.20.51 PMIoana Simion grew up in Romania and is currently living in Southampton, England. She has graduated in Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing. Ioana is currently working for Estée Lauder and is trying to save money to fund her own zine and start her own business. Her goal is to learn more about magazine design and hopefully become an Art Director for independent publications. She is passionate about multiculturalism, visual arts, activism, and music. Ioana’s journalistic work is founded upon her prototype zine Artisan Woman, a platform celebrating the multicultural, wild feminine. Her writing style is characterized by combining storytelling techniques with a relaxed and friendly tone. | @ioanasparkles 



Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 9.27.45 PMNamrata Chowdhury is a 17-year-old artist from Toronto, Canada. After high school, she is going to Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto and plans on majoring in advertising. Her work focuses on inclusivity and representing themes and people that she feels should be more explicitly showcased in all art and media. Through her art, she tries to express her own struggles of identity, growing up in a westernized community, and the ideals of beauty. She finds that Sorjo Magazine is a wonderful place for artists similar to her who want to be able to create art for issues they care deeply about. Amongst all the things that she is, she’s really just a gal that really loves spaghetti! | @nxmrata



IMG_0002Emmylou Nicolle is an 18-year-old artist from Nantes, France. She is about to start her second year of college majoring in history of art.  Her work is mainly composed of small watercolors illustrations. She has a strong interest in poetry, especially Arthur Rimbaud, and influences most of her work by including quotes from authors she appreciates. Luckily, sharing her work on social media has given her many opportunities such as creating her first exhibit entitled Not Your Pocahontas in 2017, and has one of her artworks about the protection of Bear Ears monument featured in Isabella Robbins’ Sacred is Sacred exhibit in Rhode Island. As someone who struggled to find the right words to express what she felt most of her life, she uses her artworks as a way to say what she can’t tell with spoken words. | @winunah 



nikNikita Kallu is a 19- year-old from England. She will be studying pharmacy at university this year. She enjoys painting, fashion, photography and listening to music. As an artist for Sorjo Magazine, she paints watercolor portraits that explore the emotions and experiences of people of color. |@tigerholograms






Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 11.25.50 AMAnushka Koi is a 20-year-old artist that grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal and currently resides in New Hampshire, United States. She is studying at New Hampshire Institute of Art and is majoring in Printmaking. Anushka is also exploring other mediums like collaging, poetry, letterpress, book arts etc. Her work focuses on her culture, the idea of home and her experiences with mental illnesses. She has received an honorary Scholastic Art award for her photography in high school and has shown her work at a small queer safe space called Gal-ery and participated in a print exchange so far. Anushka is looking forward to making more art and sharing it with the world! | @anushka.koi 




sarah ahSarah Ahmed is a creative based in Abu Dhabi. She is the founder and curator of Jaffat El AqlamWhen she’s not stressing out about meeting self-made deadlines, she experiments with different mediums of art, film photography, glitch art, sends postcards to strangers, publishes zines and waters her plants that eventually die. | @glitchedplant





Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 11.38.55 AM.pngNicole Zaridze is a 21-year-old professional illustrator and comics artist. She has lived in Toronto, Canada her entire life and continues to live there while majoring in Illustration at OCAD University. Nicole likes to create weird, cartoony works that usually take on relatable moments in our everyday lives. She finds that illustrating things based on her personal feelings and experiences have made her learn about herself more. It is also having the satisfaction of other people relating to her art that makes her love what she does because she wishes to connect people together. Nicole has recently been interviewed and featured in Odyssey Magazine, and now continues to push her work onto different creative platforms, such as Sorjo Magazine! You can find her looking for weird objects at thrift stores or in her room drinking a lot of McDonald’s $1 iced coffees. | @nicolezaridze


ritu9Naeema Uddin (pronounced na-ee-ma!) has lived in London almost all of her life and has recently studied Graphic Design at University, but decided that it just wasn’t for her because she had felt so restricted and decided to drop out. Her work mostly focuses on digital art and photography. As she doesn’t feel as though she’s an expressive person, she likes to incorporate her own feelings and emotions into her illustrations and treat it as her own personal diary. She also loves to include lots of bold colors! She is very passionate about the idea of representation because she wants to see more people that look like her in movies, music, art etc. You should also note that she’s really just a gal who loves to sleep.  All the time. | @naeemau



genie_profileGenie Espinosa is a 34 years old coffee addict, impatient, pug mama living in Barcelona, Spain. She completed 2 High Technical degrees, one in graphic design and another in illustration.  

She works mainly in picture and educational books for children and wants to make the age range wider to reach the young and adult public.  Genie used to collaborate in Amelia’s Fashion magazine, and won the preferred children award for a game she illustrated back in 2013!

Her daily routine includes tons of coffee, walking her dog, doing aero boxing, reading and stressing a lot. She really likes to have fun and will soon start new cool projects that involve microphones and live drawing! | @geniespinosa