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Founder and Editor in Chief



Fabliha Anbar (she/her) is a writer based in New York City and is the Editor in Chief of Sorjo.  Her work has been featured on Teen Vogue, Broadly, Rookie, and more. She is the youth coordinator for Arts & Democracy and her main focus is cultivating a safe environment for immigrant youth to creatively express themselves through art. Fabliha is also the co-founder of the South Asian Queer + Trans Collective, a community that amplifies the voices of the South Asian and Indo- Caribbean lgbtq+ diaspora. She utilizes the many facets of her identity in her writing and believes storytelling is a powerful tool to heal souls.

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Assistant Editor:


Sanjeda Nayeem (she/her) is a 21-year-old Bangladeshi American community organizer from NYC. Her dream is to save the world in any capacity, so she makes sure to dedicate her time to helping her community grow. You can find her at NY Presbyterian Hospital where she works alongside orthopedic surgeons as a medical assistant. Besides medicine, her other passion is to ensure gender equality and women empowerment. She’s a self-defense instructor and community organizer at Malikah, a non profit organization that teaches women self-defense, healing justice, financial literacy, and an event coordinator for Bangladeshi Mental Health, an organization dedicated to uplifting Bengali voices, and reshaping the way mental health is discussed in the community, and MSA Showdown, a non profit talent tournament for Muslim college students.  Sanjeda is also conducting research on Kurdish Muslim refugees across America as a research assistant. In her spare time, you can find Sanjeda eating Ketchup chips and binge-watching almost every show on Netflix.

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Social Media Manager


Amna (they/them) is a student, organizer, + writer based in Atlanta.  When they’re not running frantically late to everything in life they enjoy spending an unnecessary amount of money on plants, thrifting, and food in the name of self-care. Their favorite kind of day is one where it’s chilly & windy, but the sun is still shining really hard. They love fighting with white people on the internet & mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. They dream of a world where everything in their wardrobe is cobalt blue & all people are free, seen, + loved.

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Columnist, Shenu Talks

shenu-kathymoon-writer-photo.jpgShenu Kathymoon (she/her) was born in Sri Lanka and raised in Miami, nurturing her worldly views with numerous travels over the years while residing in New Orleans. She studied under the creative direction of Jen Karetnick, a Miami-based writer, poet, and critic for 11 years before attending college. She is now an undergraduate student at Tulane University en route to earning a BA in Sociology with a minor in Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship and a TESL Endorsement. She has also been a DJ for college-based radio stations such as WTUL New Orleans 91.5 FM. She has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies including Rattle Magazine, Wales Literature Council, Pittsburgh Poetry Houses, and Élan International Literary Magazine. Her work encompasses her Sri Lankan background and American foreground, ever inspired by lotus flowers, the wonderful people in her life, lush Spotify playlists, the process of photography, and accessible sustainability movements.

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Graphic Designer 

Anjali Chary (she/her) is a 19-year old student and artist currently attending Parsons School of Design in New York City. Art and design has always been a passion for  Anjali. She recently has taken an interest in the intersection of design and technology in order to create products for those who are disabled. Her Indian heritage and background has been a prevalent topic in her work. In her free time, Anjali enjoys visiting up & coming galleries in the city as well as trying new restaurants that play with the fusion of different cuisines. 
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