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Meet the Radical Decolonial Feminist Punk Collective, Xingonas in the Pit!

Meet the radical brown womxn behind Xingonas in the Pit! Xingonas in the Pit is a D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) decolonial feminist punk collective aimed at creating a network of safe radical music/art spaces in San Antonio. Their mission is to build safe spaces for marginalized artists to reclaim their identities, their art, and their collective liberation.

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We Need QTPOC Therapists

Often times, patients who are seeking resources for their own mental health feel isolated and alienated because of their lack of connection with their therapists. They find themselves providing labor to make their white therapist understand where they’re coming from as a person of color. Manu Kaur explores the importance of QTPOC therapists and their own personal journey as a non binary queer Sikh in the field of mental health.

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Creator and Artist, Neftali Angelo, Talks Self Expression and Being Non-Binary on Social Media

by Ioana Simion   We’re excited to introduce you the glowing Neftali, a twenty year old non-binary creative from the sunny hills of California. Neftali’s the happiest when making art- transforming ordinary life into something far from a routine, using tools known by all of us: make-up and music. Our lovely guest is encouraging queers […]

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A Revolutionary Makeup Brand for Him, Her, Them, Everyone

Sorjo chatted with revolutionary makeup brand, Fluide, on the importance of making visibility for the lgbtq+ community!

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How This Panjabi Queer and Trans Activist is Taking Over the World With His Spoken Word

Meet Manpreet Singh, a queer and transgender California based Punjabi activist, writer and poet.

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