3 Artists of Color on Instagram You Need to Check out Now

by Fabliha Anbar

Instagram is a hot-spot to find incredible artists that’ll leave you feeling creatively inspired. Here are 3 artists of color that you need to check out now on Instagram. 

1. Moshtari Hilal

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 4.47.11 PM

Hilal is a visual artist born in Kabul, Afghanistan and based in Hamburg and Berlin.  Her minimalistic work are drawn with black lines, which symbolizes to the black-haired body. She says that, “she describes her current artistic practice as reconciliation with negated beauty.”


Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 4.46.24 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 4.46.08 PM


You can check out Moshtari Hilal’s work out on Instagram here.

2. Patricia Renee’ Thomas

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.32.25 PM

Thomas is a Philadelphia based drawer, painter and art educator. In her colorful and vibrant artwork, she says she “uses historical references of blackness, from experience and research to further investigate the meaning of beauty in Westernized figure painting, and to remedy the years of subliminal demonizing of her skin.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.32.51 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.33.05 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.34.02 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.38.09 PM

Check out Patricia’s work on Instagram here

3. Jasmin Cañas

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.42.19 PM

Jasmin Cañas is a visual artist from San Francisco. She works with a full spectrum of color and iridescent acrylic paints. Her work inspired by her vibrant neighborhood, colorful family and inspirational travels.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.42.48 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.42.59 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.43.49 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.42.34 PM

Check out Jasmin’s work on Instagram

Fabliha Anbar

Fabliha Anbar (she/her) is a writer and community organizer based in New York City. She is also the Editor in Chief of Sorjo. Her work has been featured on Teen Vogue, Vice, Broadly, Rookie, and more. She is the youth coordinator for Arts & Democracy where her main focus is cultivating a safe environment for immigrant youth to creatively express themselves through art. Fabliha is also the co-founder of the South Asian Queer + Trans Collective, a community that amplifies the voices of the South Asian and Indo- Caribbean lgbtq+ diaspora. She utilizes the many facets of her identity in her writing and believes storytelling is a powerful tool to heal souls.

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