A Photo Series on “Oh, Sisters!”

by Tenzing Apang

New Delhi, India 

“Oh Sister!” shows two cousin sisters and their bond. Their constant bickering, throwing savage remarks at each other yet always looking out for one another, laughing at silly inside jokes, sharing makeup, clothes and worries— all of these inspired me to come up with the idea. This series goes out to the sisters who cry and laugh together. It was shot on film to give it a dreamy and nostalgic touch.





02670017 2





Tenzing is currently a college student. She started photography as a hobby but now it has become more of a therapeutic process for her as she have been in a bad place since last year and it helps to keep her distracted.  Tenzing has always loved looking at photos that makes her feel some kind of emotion; like sometimes when you look at a photo and it makes you nostalgic or it’s strangely comforting, that’s the kind of photos she wants to take.

Follow Tenzing on Instagram (@mood.films) to check out more of her beautiful work!



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