Know The Difference

by Emmylou Nicolle
Nantes, France
Age 18

unnamed (1).jpg

unnamed (2).jpg


The first piece is a portrait of a teenage girl wearing her traditional jingle dress named Winnifred Stevenson who is part of the Nehiyah and Dene tribes. The second piece represents a  young Dine lady named Camille, wearing both contemporary clothes and traditional Navajo jewelry. This exhibit was a series of 35 portraits of First Nation girls followed by a short paragraph in which every woman is free to explain what it means to be indigenous today. The portraits are currently sold in my hometown and the money raised will be donated to the non profit, powerourwomen. This exhibit aims to fight stereotypes concerning native women by passing the mic to beautiful, resilient, intelligent indigenous women. All the paintings and stories are shared on the project’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


Know The Difference 

This illustration explains why dressing up as a native for Halloween is ignorant and offensive. There is nothing wrong with wearing clothes or jewelry designed by inspired natives, as long as the significance behind those objects aren’t too meaningful for the community. But dressing up as an Native American would promote a fake idea of what native people really are and the diversity of native cultures. There are currently more than 560 federally recognized tribes in the United States and each tribe have a very unique culture which all deserves respect and recognition. 

Check out more of Emmylou’s incredible work on instagram, twitter and facebook


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