A Digital Illustration Series on Solitude, Queer Representation and Japanese Art

by Jess Way
Suffolk, England


Fairy aunt Freckle

I created this piece during the time of the arrests of queer people in Egypt in solidarity. People can sometimes forget the LGBTQ+ community is more than cisgendered white men so I drew the legendary Aunt Freckle, a genderfluid Mexican actress. 


existential crisis 

I accidentally went to a talk on physics and astronomy once in a festival given by a Cambridge professor who works with Steven Hawkings. Whilst simultaneously confusing and terrifying me, it opened a door to a whole new interest in the universe and how everything works. 


city clown

 Clowns have a pretty bad name. Especially since 2016. But ignoring the obvious sinistry they naturally possess, the sadness and art behind the performers is intriguing to say the least.


A Lady

I’m always inspired by Japanese art, but this piece was definitely heavily influenced by Shintaro Kago. 


Frazzled head 
I wanted to a piece that reflected me. The focal point is a picture of me when I was younger and everything around it somehow relates to something in my life.

Meet the Artist:

I’m Jess Way or @colourgroove on Instagram, I’m fourteen years old and use she/her pronouns. I am from England, Suffolk.

Follow @colourgroove on Instagram to see more of her incredible work!


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