Teenage Beauty Queen: The Pressure of Being Perfect as a Teenager in the 21st Century

by Joyin Akinola

These following photos represents the struggle of being a teenager in the 21 century due to the pressure to be perfect.

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Meet the Photographer:
Joyin Akinola is a kind-hearted fourteen-year-old, who many say is wise beyond her years. Her passion for photography started when she was young, taking pictures on her parent’s phones. As she got older her passion only grew stronger. Seeing that, her parents bought her a Nikon camera, and after, she was addicted. You will usually find her doing an impromptu photo shoot with her friends, or trying her luck at graphic design or a different medium. After placing in the Jostens photography competition and being able to see her work in the Chelsea Neighborhood Art Gallery only propelled her drive and made her work harder on her art. In the future, Joyin would want to continue to impact the mental health community with her art and shed light on the thousands of teens, mainly minorities are that disadvantaged due to their lack of access to mental health care. Check out Joyin on Instagram here

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