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Teenage Beauty Queen: The Pressure of Being Perfect as a Teenager in the 21st Century

by Joyin Akinola These following photos represents the struggle of being a teenager in the 21 century due to the pressure to be perfect. Meet the Photographer: Joyin Akinola is a kind-hearted fourteen-year-old, who many say is wise beyond her years. Her passion for photography started when she was young, taking pictures on her parent’s […]

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Creator and Artist, Neftali Angelo, Talks Self Expression and Being Non-Binary on Social Media

by Ioana Simion   We’re excited to introduce you the glowing Neftali, a twenty year old non-binary creative from the sunny hills of California. Neftali’s the happiest when making art- transforming ordinary life into something far from a routine, using tools known by all of us: make-up and music. Our lovely guest is encouraging queers […]

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