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Defying the System: Mass Rent Strike During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the core problems of our societies at large, the global neoliberal dystopia in which we all live. Each one of us experiences a different aspect of its many forms, the working majority bearing the brunt of the capitalist machine press on their backs. Right here, right now, the minorities of the world are intersecting into a one-eyed consciousness that sees the world for what it is. An awakening has been happening. A revolt must follow against the catastrophic system which has brought us to this moment.

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Meet MASQ, a Healing Initiative That Centers on Masculinity, to Remove the Toxic Elements That Exist Within the Identity Today

by Fabliha Anbar For centuries, masculinity has always been synonymous with being powerful and determined. Men have been expected to aspire to fulfill masculinity by being “macho” and robust.  However, over time, the expression “toxic masculinity” has been taking the internet by storm as people are now analyzing masculinity and its relationship to violence and […]

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A Poem About the White Gaze and the Surveillance of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color: The Looking Glass

Read Tuli’s poem about the white gaze and how it leads to the surveillance of BIPOC persons. It voices how that surveillance serves as an apparatus of willfully ignoring humanity, effectively dehumanizing anyone in its path and depriving an individual of their unique history. Within this poem, the speaker critically analyzes the implications of that gaze and how it serves to victimize and deprive one of their person-hood.

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Non-Binary Writer + Activist, T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus, on Tick Borne Diseases

An interview with T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus on their activism, gender identity and educating others on tick borne diseases.

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Growing up in a Family That Still Believes in the Hindu Caste System

Even if you grow up with strict traditions, you don’t have to be bound to them and you can still gain your own freedom in small little ways.

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