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A Photo Series on Family Fights and Alienation: ĐừNg Có Làm Mẹ BuồN (“Don’t Make Mom Sad”)

By Bryan Doan “Đừng có làm mẹ buồn” was a phrase echoed throughout childhood during tumultuous family fights. I’ve always felt alienated, so I would mold myself into versions I believed would appease them (i.e “corporate business [cis] MAN”). I was born and raised in Minnesota, until a year ago, when I moved to New […]

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In Conversation with Nadia Misir: on Archives, Reclaiming Grammars, Poetry in Ordinary Moments, the Politics of Commutes, and Social Media

Nadia Misir is a writer from Queens, New York. Her writing explores “diaspora, intimacy, grief, and growing up Guyanese in Queens.” Read Amanda’s interview with Misir and how she navigates the otherness and longing of diaspora.

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Syeda Mahbub on How Her Artwork Are Making South Asians Finally Feel Seen

Meet Syeda Mahbub, 20-year-old Bangladeshi-American artist whose work combines the intersections of South Asians complex identity. Sorjo chatted with her to discover the inspiration behind her artwork, her childhood and how her art is inclusive for all.

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Nike x Amara Ramdhanny: Exploring Indo-Caribbean Identities / दुगला (Dugala)

Amara Ramdhanny came out with a sneaker design with Nike, called “Isle of Spice”! Amara collaborated with Sorjo so we can dig into her creative mind to see the inspiration behind her Nike design and learn more about her ancestral history as Indo- Caribbeans hold such rich histories but are often left out of the conversation.

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