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Meet MASQ, a Healing Initiative That Centers on Masculinity, to Remove the Toxic Elements That Exist Within the Identity Today

by Fabliha Anbar For centuries, masculinity has always been synonymous with being powerful and determined. Men have been expected to aspire to fulfill masculinity by being “macho” and robust.  However, over time, the expression “toxic masculinity” has been taking the internet by storm as people are now analyzing masculinity and its relationship to violence and […]

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Non-Binary Writer + Activist, T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus, on Tick Borne Diseases

An interview with T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus on their activism, gender identity and educating others on tick borne diseases.

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How This Panjabi Queer and Trans Activist is Taking Over the World With His Spoken Word

Meet Manpreet Singh, a queer and transgender California based Punjabi activist, writer and poet.

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Stigma Smashing Teen Emily Odesser on the Mental Health of Activists

Sorjo sat down with teen activist/ journalist, Emily Odesser, to destigmatize how activists are viewed & how she balances her mental illness while combating social justice issues on the daily.

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A Painting Series about Self Love and Feminism: LEt ThAt $hiT gO

Letting go of whatever and all things bad that’s keeping you from your greatness. Once you allow positivity to come into your life there’s no room for anything other. You begin to become who you are aiming to be, you flourish, and prosper.

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