submission guidelines + faqs

Submissions Guidelines:

How do I submit my writing?

Email us a pitch (from 200-300 words) clearly explaining what you would like to write about, even if your article is complete.  The subject of the email should be “Pitch” and the context of what the article is about. For example: “Pitch- What is Cultural Appropriation”. 

Submit your pitch by contacting the following email:

How do I submit my artwork or photos?

If you are sending in artwork or photos, email us a collection of two or more pieces as well as a clear explanation of what the series is about. The subject of the email should be “Artwork” or “Photos” and the title of your series. For example, “Photos- Lovin’ My Fat Body” or “Artwork- Damaged and Healed”. 

Submit your pitch by contacting the following email:

How do I contribute to the “Dear Diary” column?

If you’d like to have your work be published in the “Dear Diary” column, email us a scanned version of your diary/journal entry, letter or notes. You can always send us more than one. The subject of the email must be “Diary Submission”. Please include in the email context of the diary entry/letter from 100-300 characters. 

Submit your entry by contacting the following email:


Contact the correct email to submit your work :
Illustrations, artwork, and photography
Articles, poetry, personal essays, and interviews


When submitting your work, please include your:

  • name*
  • description about yourself (two-four sentences) and a clear picture of you (optional) for your bio*
  • age
  • gender pronouns*
  • what city/state/country you live in
  • title of your piece*
  • description of your piece (what it is, what inspired you, context. Must be 100-400 characters.)*
  • social media links 

You can also submit your work anonymously! We respect your privacy! 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I send in more of my work even though I contributed before?

Of course! You can send in any of your work as many times as you’d like! 

Who runs Sorjo Magazine?

Sorjo has a team of passionate writers, editors, and artists.  Our Editor-in-Chief and creator, Fabliha Anbar, looks over all the major decisions and work that is posted on the website. You can find out more about our team here

When can you look at my work?

We are a small team but we respond quickly to emails. It usually takes one to four business days.  

I’d like to create a column and project for Sorjo. How can I pitch it?

Sorjo is always open to creators collaborating and bringing in new ideas! Please email us with your proposal with the subject being “Proposal” and your idea. For example, “Proposal- Advice Column” to 

How can I become part of the Sorjo team?

We are always looking for new writers, artists, and interviewers! If you’re interested in being part of the team, you must already have contributed to our magazine. Email us if you want to be part of the team for more info! 


If you have any questions or concerns that are not listed above, please email