Sorjo’s January 2020 Favorites

Sorjo has an incredible team of passionate creators from all over the world. Here are 7 of our favorites from t.v shows, an app for graphic designers, skin-care and more! 

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1. Sex Education


Fabliha Anbar is the Editor in Chief and creator of Sorjo. One of her favorites from January was the Netflix original, Sex Education! She says: 

My favorite of the month has to be the Netflix original, Sex Education! The show released its second season, and I found myself binge-watching all of the episodes in ONE day. 

The British comedy-drama series is about an awkward high school student, Otis, who finds himself running a sex advice clinic for his fellow classmates alongside his friends Eric and Maeve. The hilarious yet serious show tackles all sorts of vital issues from internalized homophobia, pansexuality, sexual assault, awkward orgasm faces, friendships, asexuality to even douching your butthole!

I found myself laughing one moment, and then wiping my tears the next. The show did such an incredible job discussing so many difficult issues and didn’t come across as preachy, which many shows end up doing when trying to be relatable. This show is a must-watch!

2. UpWork App


Anjali Chary is Sorjo’s graphic designer. Her favorite of the month was the UpWork App! She says:

My favorite of the month is an app called UpWork! It’s perfect for anyone in the creative industry. Essentially, it’s an application that allows individuals to sign up and advertise their skills in different fields such as Graphic Design, Typography, Editing, Film, Photography, etc. This, then allows them to accept and apply to various jobs and freelancing gigs. 

As a student, this is a great way for me to make some money on the side whilst doing what I love. It’s also perfect for individuals who are seeking freelancers to help them out with a project. 


3. Acure’s Brightening Facial Mask and the Brightening Facial Scrub

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Shenu Kathymoon is a columnist for Sorjo. Her favorite of the month was Brightening Facial Mask and the Brightening Facial Scrub from Acure! She says, 

My January favorite is a combined two-product routine which I have implemented since the end of November. I’m starting off 2020 with supple skin, guys! I went shopping with my mother and sister in Miami and came across the Acure brand. I got the Brightening Facial Mask and the Brightening Facial Scrub (which was a 2016 Allure Best of Beauty product!). Both masks—when gently rubbed into the face—turn into this foamy green color and the smell is so pleasant.

First, I use the scrub to get rid of any impurities that may have been built up from pollutants and toxins. I wash that off and then apply the mask and leave it on for the maximum 15 minutes. The result is a smooth and supple surface that makes my skin feeling so soft and rejuvenated. Plus, the two products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free with recognizable ingredients.

If you’re not using skincare products that are vegan or cruelty-free or at the very least paraben/sulfate/chlorine/phthalate-free, you need to look at the products you have in your possession and consider making the change. There are so many affordable options and both of these products combined have lasted me for months. Each product comes at a cool $9.99 and was definitely worth the investment into my skin!


4. Gulab Gang

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Image Source: Gulab Gang’s Instagram

Ruwaida Shaikh is a writer for Sorjo. Her favorite of the month is a South Asian collective called Gulab Gang! She says:

Gulab Gang Interviews primarily QTPOC at the forefront of urban & underground art scenes and will soon be launching into a workshop series that tackles prominent South Asian topics like overbearing parenting styles, anti-blackness and more. They aim to hold one workshop a month, provoking and challenging our views on certain topics. They aim to help evolve and grow the community, build a system of support, and educate in order to uplift.  

I saw a gap in the media, there simply aren’t enough South Asian communities or networks, where we educate ourselves on “stigmatized” and provocative topics, and I wanted to start that. Because if you don’t think your story is represented, you have to make it happen for yourself, right? So I suggested it to my friend Sukhpreet, who is Indian-American and has also observed a lack of conversation around certain topics. With a background in psychology, and critiquing culture, and an innate need to educate, this is naturally what I’m passionate about and I can’t wait to see what we do with this! 


5. Portuguese Poet, Alberto de Lacerda

Image Source: Disquiet International

 I have grown deeply infatuated to the literary works of Portuguese poet and BBC Radio Presenter Alberto de Lacerda over the course of this month after discovering his collection of 77 Poems while listlessly searching through the shelves in a local library. The miscellaneous collection of 77 Poems, initially written in his mother tongue Portuguese, was later translated to English by the joint efforts of Arthur Waley and himself. Alberto’s life and works are a reflection of his narrative and musings that occurred to him as he spanned continents and cultures. The specialty of his poetical craft is that he does not limit the imagination of his readers by creating a concentric meaning, rather his brilliance has a form of multifariousness to it. “Enchantment Will Find Me” was an exhibition held in 2016 in celebration of Alberto’s lifetime works; translated by Luis Amorim de Sousa, one of his poems from the exhibit is as follows; 

“The hour goes 
And the moment:
Occasionally they meet.”


6. Pomegranate Toast

Image Source: Amy Gorin

Amna Ali is Sorjo’s social media manager. Their favorite of the month is pomegranate toast! They said: 

Something I have been loving this month is pomegranate toast! I have been trying to eat consistently and be more conscious about what I put in my body because I have been noticing how I am often tired and lack energy. I always feel good whenever I eat this! I also rarely eat breakfast because I am perpetually late, but this is something that I can whip up in 5 minutes, is super yummy, and is actually good for you. Also, it’s vegan! My pomegranate toast consists of:

  • A slice of Ezekiel multi-grain bread toasted 
  • A thin layer of crunchy peanut butter and hazelnut butter spread on the toast 
  • A handful of pomegranate laid on top 
  • And a bunch of chia seeds, toasted sesame seeds, and hemp seeds sprinkled all over 

This is super adaptable and would likely taste good regardless of what you add or substitute. I literally cannot stop eating this and I hope you feel the same!


7. Everything Sucks

Image Source: Flixable

Anushka Koirala is Sorjo’s artist. Their favorite of the month is a Netflix original comedy series called, Everything Sucks! They said:

My January favorite is the TV show Everything Sucks on Netflix! It is about a group of high school kids and two of their parents. The characters I resonate with the most are Kate Messner and her crush Emaline. They are the queer characters in the show that later turn into a couple. I resonate with how Emaline picking fights with Kate whom she also develops feelings for. It reminds me of all the confusion I went through in my teen years about my queerness and attraction towards femme presenting folks. This show helped me heal a bit! Along with this, it also reminded me to have gratitude about how far I’ve come about accepting my queerness. The couple getting together at the end is the ending and closure I wish I had as a teenager which is why it was a healing experience. I need to let go of my painful moments in those times and the couple brought me peace in that area. I finished the show in a few days. Other than that, I love the show because of the characters and curious, creative, full of feelings like teenagers area showing a different, hopeful side of them. 

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