zodiac inspired sculptures by Elizabeth Zinman

download (17).jpeg

taking 12 western zodiac signs and transforming it into art pieces


photo collection: the golden boy by Alia Romagnoli Ajjampur 

download (15).jpeg

a teenager feeling trapped at home and creating a fantasy world where the sunset is a video game 


painting collection: female empowerment by Heidi Wong

download (19).jpeg

abusive relationships, growth, stretch marks and gender 


Listen by Esther Ukwigize 

download (18).jpeg

a female artist living as nomad telling you to listen to a moment when things were just too stressful


photo collection: Wild by Vanessa Frances 

download (20).jpeg

unbalance of human connectivity with nature


 illustration collection: Nostalgia  by Georgemma Hunt

download (14).jpeg

ink drawings that’ll leave you feeling nostalgic


photo collection: Romantic by Luca

download (6).jpeg

celestial and magical photos representing friendship and love


illustration collection: Know The Difference  by Emmylou Nicolle

download (10).jpeg

revolutionary portraits representing pioneering Native American women


This Was A Real Google Search  by Sara Gulamali

download (16)
 exploring the perception of British Muslims


 photo collection: I Define My Blackness by Maqai Thrasher

download (8).jpeg

A 14 year old groundbreaking photos showing that you don’t define his blackness. He does. 


illustration collection: Mughal Pop Art by Fatemah Baig

download (7).jpeg

vibrant pop art portraying beautiful Mughal women 


a poem: Youth  by Abeeha

download (12).jpeg

collection of late night thoughts found in a teen’s notes


meet this young filmmaker who’s connecting to teen souls through storytelling by Fabliha Anbar

download (10)

an interview with the extraordinary Tara Olayeye 


illustration collection: solitude by Jess Way

download (6).jpeg

magical illustrations exploring different memories and visions of this young British artist 


photo collection: the women of my nightmares by Cristián Gomez

download (11).jpeg

a vintage dream-like aesthetic drawing inspiration from retro & classical horror movies and fashion


 a poem: dreams by Heidi Wong

download (12)

escaping a toxic relationship, breaking trust and finding power in one’s self


illustration collection: idols by Margarita Fernandez

download (8)

an illustration collection expressing a young woman’s love for her idols


 illustration collection: feeling by Angie Pei

download (7).jpeg

an illustration collection that reminds you of your childhood 


a poem: Shades of Gold by Nuha Rahman

download (2)

a Bengali woman learning how to love her brown skin and treating her melanin like a sacred temple 


Being Gay and Trans Is Weird  by Nicolás Cortez

download (5).jpeg

trying to navigate my space in the world while figuring out how to balance my gender identity and sexuality 


illustration collection: Behind by Irene Carbone

download (9).jpeg

a reflection on the refuge, the preservation of the sense of self thanks to the daily routines


a poem & photo collection: Nostalgia Is a Liar by Reilyn Aileen

download (5).jpeg

letting go of an abusive relationship by bathing in coffee 


illustration collection: tender eyes by AR-UMI

download (7).jpeg

eyes that show love and tenderness in various forms like spirituality, self-love or environmental conscience


a poem: sea of brown by Miranda Cardenas

download (4)

a poem for my racist English teacher and showing him how big is my brave


illustration collection: LEt ThAt $hiT gO by Ëricka Bolta

download (9).jpeg

an illustration collection representing black girl magic and vulnerability 


why representation is important by Priya Khakar 


present day yellow face and black face & the under-representation of minorities in Hollywood 


illustration collection: Dispelling Myths on Fine Art by Mckenna Twogood


capturing the beauty in the flaws of everything, from the hang nail on your finger, or the scraggly hair above your lip


4 Youtubers that makes social media a healthy environment by Fabliha Anbar


how social media can suck us into a never ending black hole & inspirational influencers 


photo collection: Branches by Saliha Noor


a photo collection of branches and how it reminds us to restore humanity 


a poem: BLOCKBUSTER by Chrys Fernandez


a poem about a sentimental blockbuster membership card and losing your mother


12 South Asian social media influencers that are badass by Fabliha Anbar


the importance of representation and badass desi folks 


illustration collection: Lazing Around by CO_CTRL


a collection of art of femininity and youth in young teenage girls of today


lola’s music playlist: meditating in the shower  by Lola Rodriguez 

download (2)

the importance of meditating & a music playlist you should listen to while in the shower


a poem: an ode to my mother  by Davina Dang


an ode written by a daughter to a Khmer rouge survivor 

priya’s screen time: 5 movies & t.v shows every teen girl should watch by Priya Khakar

download (1)

a list of movies and t.v shows that promotes feminism & teaches valuable lessons you will never forget 


 a documentary: Built on Clay by Vanessa Quintero


a documentary about the art and craftsmanship of clay in Lanzhou, China 


illustration collection: The Art of The Girl by Amara Auguste


a collection of art of magical women of color 


a letter to a person I never wanted to finish by Chrys Fernandez

download (2).jpg

chrys’ heartbreaking letter about a broken relationship 


dear diary, from sylvia plath’s fig tree by Fabliha Anbar


wondering if I’m wasting my youth and nurturing my fig tree 


(my) namesake by Fabliha Anbar

download (3)

learning how to love my Bengali ‘good name’ and a dead man’s wish


uniting my different identities into a perfect harmony by Fabliha Anbar

download (2)

Dalia’s journey being queer, mixed and Muslim in America


a poem: you are a bird by Anonymous 

download (5)

a poem about abuse and learning how to forgive yourself 


my leg is sore   by Nicolás Cortez

download (4)

learning how to accept my anxiety and healing 


the one about self love  by Misha Parks

download (1)

being honest with my therapist and learning how to love myself 


clarity on the swing set  by Rami Balh


Rami’s journey towards freedom and finding clarity on the swing set 


crowns: a photo collection By Saliha Noor

download (2)

a photo collection of unapologetic Muslim girls in the city


long distance by Saliha Noor

download (1)

A poem about love, passion, and pink lemonade


for all the black bodies i’ve witnessed the killing of  by Chrys Fernandez


a poem about greving for the black men and women who have died


antiblackness in the south asian community  by Fabliha Anbar

download (8)

exploring the hatred against the black community in our desi households


forgiving my immigrant parents  by Nicolás Cortez

download (4)

being a transgender brown boy in America and finding forgiveness for my parents 


 “toxic” poetry collection   by Fabliha Anbar

download (7)

a poetry collection about toxic and abusive relationships 


dear diary, from the word “sorry”  by Fabliha Anbar

download (5)

saying sorry to chairs, taking up too much space and finally being unapologetic 


diy face masks that saved my skin  by Fabliha Anbar

download (9)

my favorite easy and simple diy face masks for my pepperoni face 


“i wonder, little girl” poetry collection  by Fabliha Anbar

download (6)

a poetry collection about the journey towards self love and acceptance


dear diary, from 13 year old fabliha  by Fabliha Anbar


white teenage girls wearing Hollister, hazing, puberty and how comparing myself almost destroyed me 


dear diary, from a guilty binger   by Fabliha Anbar


my hatred of doctor’s appointments, parents weird expression of love, and my gross habit; stress eating


the strange mind of a desi auntie   by Fabliha Anbar


the reasoning behind the viscous power of gossiping and the true fear behind fake red lip plastered smiles 


i love my fat body by Fabliha Anbar

download (4)

my hate and love relationship with my body, fake friends, and my journey of self love