Dear Diary, From a Strong Woman That Was Hurting, Lost and Confused

By Sandra Riano 

I took to writing in a journal only last month. A series of events triggered the response to writing, a response so strong I couldn’t possibly ignore it. I was finishing up my associates degree at community college and waiting on transfer college acceptances. I was in a toxic relationship. I was overwhelmed with questions about what direction to take my life in. It is kind of crazy, the amount of change I went through in the week after writing this entry. Every question I was grappling emerging in life event after life event across the span of three days. It’s rare that that should ever happen to someone, but it did to me. I am so happy I had the hindsight to write about my feelings. Looking back I see a very strong woman who was hurting, lost, and confused, but just a few days shy of realizing herself to her fullest potential. 

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