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Shenu Talks: A Vividly Vibrant Day at Voodoo Festival

With around 100,000 attendees every year, Voodoo Music and Arts Experience in New Orleans boasts a medley of high-profile music artist performances, attractions, art installations, and cuisine. Read Shenu’s experience watching your favorite bands like, Magic City Hippies, Still Woozy, Moon Taxi, and Guns ‘n’ Roses live!

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Chinese-American Artist Kristen Liu-Wong on Her Galactic Greek Mythology Inspired Art

Kristen Liu-Wong is a 27-year-old Chinese American artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. When you come across her illustrations, you find yourself sucked into a story that you never want to end. Each vibrant artwork features all sorts of topics; sex, magic, war, feminism, self- exploration, mythological creatures and more! Sorjo chatted with Kristen on how she gets inspiration to create such magical and vivid illustrations and being a Chinese- American artist. 

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Shenu Talks: Glove and BRONCHO at Gasa Gasa

Shenu Talks is a new monthly column on Sorjo, by yours truly, Shenu Kathymoon! She will be writing about what she’s really passionate about—music. She will be talking about album releases, concerts and interviews with your favorite artists!

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