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Sorjo’s January 2020 Favorites

Sorjo has an incredible team of passionate creators from all over the world. Here are 7 of our favorites from t.v shows, an app for graphic designers, skincare and more! 

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How Gossip Culture and Comparing Is a Poisonous Concoction for Misogyny

“You have shamed me, you have shamed us, why do you have to go and do these things? Why can’t you just be normal?”

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A Powerful Poem About Intergenerational Relationships and Domestic Trauma: Sentinel Gifts

A powerful poem exploring intergenerational relationships and domestic trauma in the Guyanese community.

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The Racial Tensions Between Bronzeville and Little Tokyo and the Impact of “Model Minority” Myth on Interracial Relations

Learn more about Bronzeville and Little Tokyo, the “Model Minority” mindset, and how white America created tensions between Asian and Black Americans.

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Atlanta Based Artist, SOFAHOOD, on the Importance of Creating Dreamy Illustrations with Queer People of Color

Meet SOFAHOOD, a 22-year-old black Dominican nonbinary artist based in Atlanta. Their artwork is a dreamy playground for their imagination. With fun illustrations of characters with different body types, hair, skin color, sexual orientations, and even gender identities, you can somehow find yourself in their artwork. Sanjeda Nayeem chatted with SOFAHOOD to dig deep into their brain and learn more about their creative process behind their work.

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