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Atlanta Based Artist, SOFAHOOD, on the Importance of Creating Dreamy Illustrations with Queer People of Color

Meet SOFAHOOD, a 22-year-old black Dominican nonbinary artist based in Atlanta. Their artwork is a dreamy playground for their imagination. With fun illustrations of characters with different body types, hair, skin color, sexual orientations, and even gender identities, you can somehow find yourself in their artwork. Sanjeda Nayeem chatted with SOFAHOOD to dig deep into their brain and learn more about their creative process behind their work.

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We Need QTPOC Therapists

Often times, patients who are seeking resources for their own mental health feel isolated and alienated because of their lack of connection with their therapists. They find themselves providing labor to make their white therapist understand where they’re coming from as a person of color. Manu Kaur explores the importance of QTPOC therapists and their own personal journey as a non binary queer Sikh in the field of mental health.

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