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Meet Two Bangladeshi Women Creating Mental Health Awareness in the Bengali Community

Two Bangladeshi women took a good look at their upbringing and realized the lack of mental health awareness, resources, and tools in the Bengali community. Tazin, and Riya then created and co-founded the Bengali Mental Health Movement, an organization for the Bangladeshi community! Sanjeda Nayeem sat down and chatted with Tazin and Riya to learn more about the new and thriving organization. 

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In Conversation with Nadia Misir: on Archives, Reclaiming Grammars, Poetry in Ordinary Moments, the Politics of Commutes, and Social Media

Nadia Misir is a writer from Queens, New York. Her writing explores “diaspora, intimacy, grief, and growing up Guyanese in Queens.” Nadia’s work has been published in QC Voices, POETRY, Kweli Journal, and more. 

Read Amanda’s interview with Misir and how she navigates the otherness and longing of diaspora.

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Chinese-American Artist Kristen Liu-Wong on Her Galactic Greek Mythology Inspired Art

Kristen Liu-Wong is a 27-year-old Chinese American artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. When you come across her illustrations, you find yourself sucked into a story that you never want to end. Each vibrant artwork features all sorts of topics; sex, magic, war, feminism, self- exploration, mythological creatures and more! Sorjo chatted with Kristen on how she gets inspiration to create such magical and vivid illustrations and being a Chinese- American artist. 

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