The word “Sorjo” (সূর্য ) directly translates from Bangla to English, sun

My mother use to tell me ever since I was a little girlunnamed.gif thatunnamed.gif after thunderstormthe sun will always come back in its brightest form. No matter what happens, after all the pain, suffering, and grief, there is always light waiting to come its way. You just need to search for it. 

-Fabliha Anbar, Editor in Chief of Sorjo

Sorjo Magazine is an international online platform for and by the unconventional. It is a home for those who feels like an outcast and yearns for a community where they can be themselves.

Sorjo has contributors from all over the world of teens and young adults with a variety of content from art, poems to personal stories. The platform was first released on September of 2017, but already has more than 25,000 views internationally in just one year. Sorjo has a team of 17 creative and passionate members that works hard to make content that promotes uniqueness, individuality and authenticity. 

We believe in creating authentic representation for marginalized identities and embrace the notion of inclusivity. Sorjo offers a home where each individual can shine bright and express their radiant selves.