Dear Diary, from My First Contraceptive Pill Pack and Loving Myself

by Anastasia Dale (@anastasiadale)

In retrospect, I think this diary entry captures a very unique stage of teenage girlhood. In childhood I made ‘memory books’, in late adolescence I kept diaries. For a few years at the beginning of high school, it was a mix of the two. The contrast between the drawings, glitter, candy wrappers and the contraceptive pill pack is representative of this awkward in-between stage. It is at once childlike and too grown up. Adolescent fears about what people think are often dismissed as immature, but sometimes we all need a reminder that everybody doesn’t hate us.


Scan 4 (1)-page-001

Text description: 

Today in school we had a ‘peer support’ thing 
I wore my new necklace that I got for my birthday
and I also finished my first pill pack which is kind of weird
people wrote some pretty nice stuff in my peer support thing.
“Super super cool”
“You’re so cool and I’m happy we’re friends.”
“You’re really intelligent and not afraid to speak up for what you believe in!”
“You’re really smart with so much to offer and you are so cute!!”
I had no idea people thought I was smart or cool. I kind of thought everyone at school hated me. dumb, right?
(we got umbrellas as prizes in the games)


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