Shenu Talks: Glove and BRONCHO at Gasa Gasa

by Shenu Kathymoon

Shenu Talks is a new monthly column on Sorjo, by yours truly, Shenu Kathymoon! She will be writing about what she’s really passionate about—music. She will be talking about album releases, concerts and interviews with your favorite artists!

Upon buying a ticket to a BRONCHO show, you can get ready to expect groovy riffs and coordinated repetitions of the Charlie Horse by lead singer, Ryan Lindsay. When you get to the venue, you may first notice his iconic look: a grey, oversized shirt and chunky sneakers. Lindsay’s stage presence is strong; he makes eye contact with the audience, dances during guitar strums, and bears a serious facial expression that contrasts the general playfulness of his demeanor and the music being played. BRONCHO is a new wave of space-cowboy-meets-modern-rock, ever-energetic and charming. 

On a weirdly cool yet humid New Orleans night in December, BRONCHO opened with singles from their new album, “Bad Behavior.” Their new album features neat melodies with enthralling guitar solos by bassist Penny Pitchlynn and second guitarist Ben King with beats to match by drummer Nathan Price. They also sprinkled in songs from their older 2014 album, “Just Enough Hip to be Woman”—an experimental midway between their previous album, “Can’t Get Past the Lips,” where their songs were much more graveled in rock. The setlist was prepared in a manner where their stylistic changes could be experienced in real-time, beginning from gritty and becoming more refined within the sub-genre of hip, faddy alternative rock. 


BRONCHO | Image source: Westword


An audience member expressed, “I loved their famous singles, but now hearing their other more low-key songs…my mind has definitely changed. I just love their other stuff even more now.” BRONCHO’s ability to be more than a studio band has accelerated their recognition as a more accessible rock band, wherein anyone looking for good rock music can easily find that within their released records. 

The same can be said of Glove, a much younger band with a similar overall aesthetic. To an audience member who’s there to see BRONCHO, this complements their own preface to the main act, but is pleasantly surprising on its own, in terms of what Glove delivers as a group. Their style screams dynamic while their eccentric sound makes room for them to wild out to all the songs they end up playing. Less formal than BRONCHO, Glove nevertheless made up for it by their predisposed enthusiasm for just having fun with the crowd. Their hit and only song available on streaming platforms, “Pleasure Intellect,” is clever—their precision in their use of synths whilst trying not to be categorized as a synth band sums up the intellectual nature of the band itself, carrying varied funky elements from the Talking Heads, New Order, and DEVO.


Glove | Image source: Luck Reunion


Playing a variety of music, both BRONCHO’s and Glove’s stage presences come from their ability to create an intimate setting out of a crowd of complete strangers. Their new traditionalist sound was reflected in their dance-y, progressive reverberations. Glove, hailing from Tampa, Florida, circulates more in the underground scenes of New York and Chicago. Meanwhile, BRONCHO’s home lies in the small town of Heartland, Oklahoma where their songs are easily a reflection of the music scenes in Mexico City and Los Angeles. Next time Glove or BRONCHO make a stop within your city, definitely go for the wholesome experience and of course, the sterling tunes provided.

Check out BRONCHO and Glove on Spotify!


Shenu Kathymoon

Shenu Kathymoon (she/her) was born in Sri Lanka and raised in Miami, nurturing her worldly views with numerous travels over the years while residing in New Orleans. She studied under the creative direction of Jen Karetnick, a Miami-based writer, poet, and critic for 11 years before attending college. She is now an undergraduate student at Tulane University en route to earning a BA in Sociology with a minor in Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship and a TESL Endorsement. She has also been a DJ for college-based radio stations such as WTUL New Orleans 91.5 FM. She has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies including Rattle Magazine, Wales Literature Council, Pittsburgh Poetry Houses, and Élan International Literary Magazine. Her work encompasses her Sri Lankan background and American foreground, ever inspired by lotus flowers, the wonderful people in her life, lush Spotify playlists, the process of photography, and accessible sustainability movements.


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