A Comic About Autism

by Emmylou Nicole

Emmylou Nicole made a comic to educate people about autism and the common misconceptions about Aspergers. Read the comic to learn more! 









Meet the Artist:

Emmylou Nicolle is an 18-year-old artist from Nantes, France. She is about to start her second year of college majoring in history of art.  Her work is mainly composed of small watercolors illustrations. She has a strong interest in poetry, especially Arthur Rimbaud, and influences most of her work by including quotes from authors she appreciates. Luckily, sharing her work on social media has given her many opportunities such as creating her first exhibit entitled Not Your Pocahontas in 2017, and has one of her artworks about the protection of Bear Ears monument featured in Isabella Robbins’ Sacred is Sacred exhibit in Rhode Island. As someone who struggled to find the right words to express what she felt most of her life, she uses her artworks as a way to say what she can’t tell with spoken words. Follow her on Instagram: @emmynicolle 

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