Digital Art Series on “Creating Yourself, Destroying Yourself, Etc.”

by Peibulu Koroye

I’m a 20 year old Artist/Freelance Moody Black Girl. I’ve been coming to terms with some difficult truths about my relationship with my family, myself, my culture and country as an extension of myself and vice-versa. I’ve been putting my own identity into perspective: What I Have Been Told I Am (Straight, Silent, Dependent) vs What I Want To Be/What I Actually Truly Am (Very Loud and Self-Sustaining).

I’ve been exploring this a couple ways: with photography, and with Illustration. On my Instagram (@thefemmechaotic), I even sometimes post DIY Editorials where I take my own image into my own hands, kind of creating myself over and over again. In these Illustrations I try and look at myself and identity as a whole through different lenses. I’m especially drawn to the depictions of monster girls for obvious monster gay coding reasons. Something that happens in toxic or not-great family dynamics ends up with a fractured view of yourself. I myself am very intrigued, at this point in my life, with my own little fractures. I have a friend who calls themselves a Black Identity Extremist, and I’m stealing it from them, that’s my brand now (sorry E!).

I think with black and brown girls/girl-aligned people, especially when you’re African, there’s this pressure to be one thing, an idealized, mostly false version of that thing, and my art helps me get out of myself. I think of all the many different versions my black, African femme comes in–sometimes she’s a monster and sometimes she’s an elf and feels okay. But sometimes she can’t feel a thing, and that’s ok, that’s fine, and that’s normal!









Meet the Artist:

Pei is an artist, born in Nigeria and is currently based in Illinois. Pei uses art therapy to work through her personal trauma and PTSD. She works digitally, but every piece starts off with a sketch pad and a pencil. She describes herself more of a maker of things than a visual artist: she makes films, youtube videos and write poetry/ prose. She is currently in  school for Creative Writing and Film Studies. She writes Bell Hooks style cultural critique. She’s currently working on a novel which is very exciting!

Follow @thefemmechaotic  for more of her artwork!


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One thought on “Digital Art Series on “Creating Yourself, Destroying Yourself, Etc.”

  1. Thanks for the share… This is not just the African thing. In my place also there is a certain way people expect us to behave, especially in small towns. Only those succeed who goes against the current or at least think independently and freely.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts once again.



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