Reflections: A Photograph Series on My South Asian Ancestry

by Saliha Noor

I photographed my sisters, Aila and Sameen in my room. The series focused on the theme of reflection. These pictures discuss that we are reflections of each other. My sisters are a reflection of my mother and my mother of her mother and so on.  We acquire confidence, intelligence and courage from strong women in our lives. They teach us to be brave, to take risks and to let no one control us. The last image sums up the theme of reflection as it represents that sometimes we might even be inspired by our peers and siblings. It does not have to be older people; it can be young people as they influence us every day.  I am truly grateful to have my mother, my grandma, my sisters and my friends in my life, as they constantly inspire me!


“From burning lava to blazing stars—

and all that bleeds magnificence

in between— you are truly

the reflection of everything beautiful

in this universe.”

-Mustafa Tattan


unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)


unnamed (7)Meet the Photographer:

Saliha Noor is majoring in Forensic Psychology and minoring in Art at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. She loves to do digital photography and tackle themes like feminism, beauty and racism. She also likes to take pictures of places around the world like Italy, Germany and Canada. Saliha specially loves to photograph people without giving directions to capture the authentic beauty outside and within. She wants to continue on to graduate school and do research on terrorism, minorities and racism in the United States. She also likes to write, paint and draw. She is the oldest of her 4 siblings and loves to play flag football.

Follow Saliha on instagram (@iblamesaliha) and her photographer account (@_iblamephotography_)


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