The Golden Boy

by Alia Romagnoli Ajjampur, age 20

 I am a half Indian and half Italian photographer and art director based in London. A lot of my work is inspired by my heritage and upbringing in India and I like to use a lot of bold, bright colours as they remind me of home.  The Golden Boy is a selection of photographs that aims to create a fantasy world. My sister, in the pictures, is at a point in her life where she feels trapped in the place she is in and is ready to leave home and experience the world. I named it ‘golden boy’ because I took them just before the sun went down, marking another day closer to her graduating and being able to pursue her dreams. She described the atmosphere almost as a video game that presents obstacles (she faces in high school) with the finish line in sight. 


4X5A8216 (1).jpg




Check out more of Alia’s amazing work on instagram here!



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