Female Empowerment

by Heidi Wong, age 19
New York City & Hong Kong



Inspired by a personal event, Lilith expresses the powerful confidence and resilience of womankind. I’ve taken the myth of Lilith, Adam’s first wife who was exiled from Eden for refusing to be subservient to Adam, and created a winding serpent around her body. The shape of the serpent and Lilith’s hair creates a double helix, which references the way in which women should strive to break the “biological” gendered stereotypes forced upon us. 




Self Portrait, This Is How You Made Me Feel 

This self portrait shows a woman as a sink, which is a place people generally go to to “clean” themselves. I wanted to utilize this imagery to show how often women can be used as emotional support by their abusers. Additionally, the woman’s legs extending and melting into the floor symbolizes the inability to leave, or to “run away from” abusive relationships. Many aspects of this painting, however, also reference the idea of growth. For example, the orchid branch, the stretch marks, and the gold marble patterns on the wall. The grid patterns on the wall are all drawn with a brush freehand, and the anxious and time consuming process of drawing each of those straight lines symbolize the labor that goes into building intimacy in relationships. 

Check out more of Heidi’s amazing work on her instagram here


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