An Illustration Series: Dispelling Myths on Fine Art

By McKenna Twogood

I express a part of myself through my creations, whatever it may be. I like to capture the beauty in the flaws of everything, from the hang nail on your finger, or the scraggly hair above your lip.

I paint and draw to really identify myself. My work shows vulnerability through the emotions expressed in my portraits, often depicting the way I feel internally. The intermittent time I spend creating are such brief moments, that once they happen, they practically melt into space, and that’s why i have to keep creating.







Meet the Artist:

My name is Mckenna Twogood and I’m a 20 year old artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. My work mostly focuses on bodies and faces.  I am inspired to paint and draw with  bold bright colors, as I refuse to wear them. I make art as a way to map out the dizziness of anxiety that often fills my brain. Emotions are what gives the basis for art.

See more of McKenna’s artwork on instagram: @artistthelover
Follow her personal account here


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