Long Distance

By Chrysalis Fernandez 

I want to be with you
talk all night, feel the vibrations in your chest as I make a bad joke
and you feel inclined to laugh because you know it makes me feel good.
we’ll look at real stars, not fake plastic glow in the dark ones from our own bedrooms imagining that we’re both under the same ceiling
and we’ll drink pink lemonade because it tastes a bit sweeter than the regular kind. 

you say you can’t get enough of me, and I’m reminded of the love the ocean has for the sand. never seeming to get enough even when they’re being pulled back

I imagine that our first kiss will be awkward. a story that might warrant retelling because I’ll most likely bang my head against yours and our first date will be in the emergency room

I love that you don’t freak out when I imagine what our kids would look like
I love that you accept that some days I wear the pants for both of us
when people ask how long we’ve been together my eyes begin to age and my heart begins to unveil memories that I didn’t know we had. only because these are not memories, my heart is showcasing the future that we will have together
i know I’m wise beyond my years to know that this

whatever we have

this passion

this fire

it doesn’t come often

I don’t remember how long we’ve been together because I would think that it’s been centuries
and sadly disappointed when it hasn’t
you will be a poem never finished
I can’t seem to bring myself to end something so beautiful.


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